10 Creative Uses for your Garden Shed

By stocking over 300 variations of garden sheds, we know just how much you can do with a garden shed! These are no longer just to store gardening supplies.

Garden Shed from The Lifestyle People

Outdoor storage 

A garden shed is the perfect solution if you are currently running out of space in your home. By adding shelving, you can create the perfect space to store items that you only use once in a blue moon.  


Storage Shed

Kids Playroom  

Turn your garden shade into a whimsical playhouse for your children by using colourful paints, toys, and games to help spark their imagination. This is the perfect space to allow your kids free reign and allow them to keep their toys all in one space and keep your home clutter free.  



Art studio 

Convert your garden shade into a peaceful space that is filled with lots of natural light, perfect for painting, sculpting or any creative projects.  

Reading area 

Use your garden shade to create a cozy reading sanctuary by adding cozy elements such as fuzzy rugs, bookshelves, our designer Ergo chairs and of course some stunning indoor plants. 


Drawing of shed

Music Room  

Soundproofing your garden shade is the perfect space to set up an at home music studio for all budding musicians.  

Yoga Space  

Create a peaceful space and retreat to practice your yoga, meditation or mindful practices. By utilising yoga mats, cushions and calm decor. As well as some indoor plants to bring the wilderness back inside for you to relax in your garden shed.

Home Office 

If working from home is your dream, using a garden shed you can set up an office outside of the main house while staying at home. Create a perfect home office away from any distractions of your main house by completing it with a desk, shelving, rugs, chairs and of course some indoor plants to help create a peaceful working environment.  


Guest Room  

If you're running out of space in your house, using a garden shed you can convert this into a cozy guest bedroom for any visitors. You can insulate the garden shed and add some stunning decor such as a cozy bed, bedside tables and some thoughtful touches to help make them feel at home while visiting your home.  


Duratuf Shed

At home Gym  

Are you tired of having to fight for a space at the local gym? Why not convert your garden shed into your dream gym? Adding some gym cushioned mats and your ideal gym equipment is the perfect way to utilise a garden shed. This will let you work on your fitness while staying at home.  

Gardening Shed

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