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Title: Grapefruit & Lime
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Cienna Crystal House Diffusers are made on the stunning Pohutukawa Coast in Auckland New Zealand.

Cienna reed diffusers gently scent your home by continuously releasing the fragrance absorbed through the natural reeds. 

Our Cienna Crystal House diffusers are featured in beautiful jars with a stunning diamond cut design.  Each glass jar also comes bundled with a polished silver stopper which also provides a nice decorative finish. 

Our Cienna Crystal House diffusers are filled with an array of gorgeous fragrances and come boxed with (8) natural wood reeds. The reeds should ideally be rotated / turned around once per week so as to maintain the optimum scent.

Cienna Crystal House Diffusers are the perfect gift for any ocasion be it a house warming, a birthday, a thank you or at Christmas.



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