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Title: Grapefruit & Lime
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Cienna organic candles are made on the stunning Pohutukawa Coast in Auckland New Zealand.

Our quality product come in an elegant, timeless clear glass jar with a solid flat lid that will further prolong the delicious fragrance of your candle & to keep your soy candle clean and fresh.

This style looks amazing with any home décor and after the candle has fully burned, you will be left with a beautiful sustaiable & environmetally clear glass jar that can be re-used.

Cienna organic soy candles come packaged in an elegant gift box and include ‘Candle Care’ instructions. 

The candles are 75mm (W) & 102mm (H) with up to 50 hours of burn time

Several different fragrances are available with the exact range ranging according to changing tastes and the time of the year


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