Luxeva Free-Standing Carbon Heater with remote

Colour: Black


Elegant and powerful heater to keep you and your family warm this winter!


  • Warmth without waiting - During colder winter days, Luxeva patio heater provides instant and efficient warmth within 3 seconds. 
  • 6 Power levels and adjustable timer - 6 Heat modes from 1000W to 2000W, which allow you to choose the ideal temperature you need!
  • Space Saver - These stunning heaters do no require a lot of space and can be easily mounted to the wall of your home of your TLP Louvre Pergola. This powerful heater perfectly fits every room. What’s more, it has wide application, such as home office, garage, backyard, balcony, and so on.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use - No need to buy two different products because this carbon heater is not only a patio heater, but also an indoor space one. With its IP65 rating, it is FULLY WATERPROOF!
  • Large Heating Area - This elegant small heater is powerful enough to keep warm people and object up to 25 sqm.
  • Smart Function - You can easily operate the heater directly from your smartphone via the Luxeva Application. Simply install the app on your smart device and follow the instructions on the packaging box to link your heater.
  • Safety and highly efficient - Thanks to its design, the carbon heating element will last up to 10,000 hours with maximum efficiency. The heater is equipped with a fall sensor that is triggered when the appliance falls.
  • Modern and Elegant Design - Luxeva heater will be an exquisite addition to your home decor. This powerful heater perfectly fits every room and every style. It has a lightweight aluminium, is available in white or black and has a heat resistant plastic body.


  • Available colours: White/Black with Wall Holder
  • Max power: 2000W model
  • Hardwire 10amp power point needed
  • Supply voltage: 220-240V AC
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Power settings: 1000W / 1300W / 1700W / 2000W
  • Area coverage: 20m²
  • Protection rating: IP 55
  • Time settings: 0-9 hours
  • Thermostat settings: 18-37 C˚
  • Product dimensions: 930mm x 75mm x130 mm
  • Box dimensions: 1020mm x 120mm x 310 mm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg

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