TLP "Affordable Premium" 3mx3mx2.5m Louvre Pergola LED - Wall Mounted / Motorised (White) - CLEARANCE PRICES

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$2,999 $5,795


·  Product has a warranty for 5 years on the frame and 1 year on the electric components

·  Louvre Pergola comes with built in LED lights, a nice white not coloured

·  This louvre has a beautiful white wall mounted frame and covers a 3mx3m area 

·  Louvre posts (2) are 120mm thick and the posts are bolted down to the concrete or timber base 

·  The louvre is wind rated to handle 102kmh gale force winds - Level 10 on the Beaufort Scale

·  The louvre blades come in one length giving increased strength and open to120 degrees and the louvre blades are powered by a remote control

·  When the louvre is closed, from the inside, the roof looks flat and not curved & essentially looks like a "tongue & groove" ceiling with LED lights

·  Blinds & Shutters (in various colours / styles) can be fitted as required 

·  The post height is 2.5m plus the height of the blades 

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