Winter Gardenz Elite Greenhouse 10X12 (3220mm x 3844mm x 3150mm)



The 10x12 Elite greenhouse is perfect for a more traditional-style-looking backyard greenhouse.  Whether you want to just grow veggies and herbs for the family, or tropicals for your house, and have a little back-yard haven to relax or entertain in, this could be the perfect solution for you.

Width                      3220mm (10ft approx)

Length                    3844mm (12ft approx)

Height (to ridge)     3150mm

The 10x12 Elite Greenhouse is supplied fully optioned and includes the following:

Double, hinged lockable doors

12ft 3-tier staging to go down one side of the greenhouse

Shade cover system to protect plants in summer

4x Opening roof vents fitted with Auto vent openers

Strong, durable, powder coated aluminium frame coloured in matt black as standard.

4mm toughened safety glass glazing throughout

Gutter system for rain catchment

25-year warranty

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