Winter Gardenz Greenhouse 10x24 (3220mm x 7634mm x 2850mm) - Polycarbonate



This spacious-size greenhouse will be perfect for not only growing your family's food, but also growing enough for a little stand-out front of your house if you are so inclined!  6mm twin-wall polycarbonate is more thermally insulating than glass, thus will keep the temperatures in your greenhouse more stable.  
2x sliding doors & 8x roof vents

Width           3220mm (10ft approx)

Length          7634mm (24ft approx)

Height (to gutter)  1620mm 

Height (to ridge)  2850mm

Please note, on this 10x24ft polycarbonate model, the configuration is 12+12ft, meaning there are 2x 12ft sections with 1 set of internal support walls.

The same size model in glass has an 8+8+8ft configuration.  The reason being that the poly is much lighter than the glass and does not need the extra support wall, so the 12+12ft configuration gives a bit more space. 

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